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The marriage

Mark B., 2019-07-21 21:46

A couple got married and to save money they ask a friend to take the pictures with her DSLR-camera. As that friend come home and tryed to import the photos from the SD-card into Lightroom her PC told her that the card is not initialized and need to be formated - a shock - all photos where gone!

After contacting us we send her the link to our DISK DOCTOR Recovery Toolkit livesystem and she booted the PC from a pendrive with our linux and handed us controll over her PC. First we imaged the SD-card in multiple passes with the preinsalled tools of DDRT and tryed then to mount that image. Sadly that failed so we tryed a RAW-recovery. That brought the most images back. After our cient checked that pictures of all importend moments where recovered she decided that she has all what she need and the few missing shot's dont justyfy further work.

Our wedding gift: No shipping fees, no extra-fees for the work on a weekend and the data back in just a bit more then two hours...