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A not recogniceable drive

Mark B., 2019-09-13 21:46

Today on a friday the 13th we got a drive which could not be recognized by the clients PC. Let's find out if the date is a bad sign for data recovery...

The client told us that the drive failed and after he was not able to find it even in the BIOS. So he sended us the drive and after connecting that patient-drive with one of our firmware-repair tools we where able to locate the problem in a couple of minutes. To solve it we used a so called hot-swap of PCB's.

After that the drive come ready and read without any problem! As the client needed just some files which where not backuped yet we used the Data-explorer to parse the MFT and copy only some wanted files from that drive to our server instad of imaging the whole drive.

As time was crucial in that case and the files where not that big we packed the client-data in a password protected zip-file and sended that arcive over the internet to our client.

So friday the 13th was at least for that guy a lucky day!